New Gardens



Sometimes it can be difficult to visualise a completely empty patch of land or a tired and overgrown garden in to something you can love and enjoy spending time in.

The Green Gardener provides a complete gardening and landscaping service, planning ad building your new garden to suit you and your lifestyle. We work through the following process when crafting your new garden:


We think creatively.

We have the know-how and the knack
to ensure your new garden reflects who you are and your lifestyle, from aquaculture gardens for the water plant and animal enthusiast to picturesque heritage gardens.


We have the skill and support within our garden and landscaping team to get the job done and create your dream garden or outdoor space.

Whether it involves landscaping, gardening, irrigation installation or a combination of many services, we’re able to ensure your new garden is designed and built in a timely way, with value-for-money.


We will work with you to ensure you
have a care plan to suit.

  A care and maintenance plan will make looking after your new garden much easier, or we can plan for the team from The Green Gardener visit you as regularly
as you like.


We have developed many beautiful new gardens for clients across
the region, including:



  • Picturesque cottage gardens
  • Heritage gardens
  • Modern & innovative gardens

  • Native gardens
  • Bush fire proof gardens
  • Vegetable patches

  • Aquaculture gardens
  • Succulent gardens
  • Self-sustaining garden spaces with
    a focus on biodynamics

Inspired to start your new garden today? Give the team at The Green Gardener a call.

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